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What is the Holistic approach to healing?

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Treating the body holistically is the science or art of treating disease by addressing the cause.

Unlike Allopathic medicine, a “Band-Aid” or pill is not given to suppress the symptoms.

Naturopathy corrects the imbalances in the body by using nutrition, exercise, sunlight, clean air, pure water, massage, hydrotherapy, prayer, meditation, lifestyle, bio chemistry and herbs.

Good health is normal, Disease is not. The human body is very capable of healing itself.

The natural approach is to give the body the tools it needs in order to heal.


The Lymphatic System: by Dr. Morse

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                      Your blood travels throughout the body, feeding cells with nutrients. It then gathers wastes from the cells and dumps them into the lymphatic system .The lymph then carries the waste products to the “(exit doors)” for toxins, which are the liver, colon, lungs, skin, bladder and kidneys to be eliminated from the body. The lymphatic system governs the mucus membranes. Mucus is that slippery substance that is clogging up your sinuses, causing all the congestion, and causing all that puffiness and those dark circles under your eyes. Excessive mucus is produced as a protective response to irritating toxic wastes.  As wastes pile up in the lymphatic system, especially the colon, the respiratory system becomes the extra landfill sites for the colon. The mucus membranes in your throat and sinuses have to disgorge the excess mucus. Colds, post nasal drip, sore throats, plugged ears and allergies are warnings that your lymphatic system is over- burdened and full of trash!         ~Dr. Robert Morse~