Reversing diabetes: 5 Important Steps

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 2:15 PM

When I was first diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I felt like I was looking at a huge mountain to climb. Now that I have reached the top of that mountain, I look back and realize that the climb would have been a hell of a lot easier if I would have been sent down the right path and given the correct information from the beginning.

Back in 2010 I walked to a hospital with a blood glucose reading of 724. After being released, I had no more knowledge of how to take care of my blood sugar issues than when I had been admitted. The only thing that was continuously pushed in my face was medication, which I absolutely refused right from the start. A few years earlier I had witnessed a friend become seriously ill and die from taking a drug called Avandia. I didn't know much at that state of the game, but I knew that synthetic drugs were not the answer to getting healthy and reversing diabetes.

Most people believe that once they are on insulin their diabetic issues have been taken care of. What many don't seem to understand is that insulin is just a band-aid, the disease is still continuing to progress and do it's damage to the body, even when insulin is being taken. So please allow me to share with you my personal experience in reversing diabetes and the knowledge that I acquired in the past three years from countless hours of classes, research, presentations and self testing in order to make your journey a bit smoother and quicker than mine. Reversing diabetes does not have to be rocket science and can be done by keeping in mind the 5 following steps.


You will be repeatedly told that diabetes is an insulin problem not a food problem. This is a huge LIE! Diabetes IS always a food problem. Eating starching vegetables like potatoes, eating processed foods full of gluten and consuming pasta,bread and rice which are full of carbohydrates will make your blood sugar spike faster than anything else that you can put into your body. If you are really serious about reversing diabetes quickly, there is no diet better for a diabetic than a raw, vegan diet. Gabriel Cousens, M.D at The Tree of Life rejuvenation center in Patagonia, Arizona has done more to reverse diabetes naturally, than any other doctor has done with medication. One thing that most knowledgeable diabetic doctors agree upon is that protein should be avoided by diabetics at all cost in order to save the kidneys and avoid any further damage. Another dangerous food is dairy, because it is not only toxic in a diabetic body, but it has also been proven to be the main reason for juvenile onset diabetes. Another food misconception is that fruit should not be consumed by a diabetic, this could not be further from the truth. Insulin is not needed by the body in order to process fructose or fruit sugars. The human body, just like a car needs both oxygen and carbon in order to run properly. Oxygen is provided by your lungs and carbon is provided by fruit. Your body needs both in order to run properly. Please go to the end of this article for a link to the movie "reversing diabetes in 30 days.


We are the only species on the face of this planet that insist on hydrating our bodies with things other than water. Water is from the earth, coconut water is from the earth and herbs (herbal teas) are from the earth. These are the only three things that that your kidneys recognize. Your kidneys contain tiny filters called glomeruli (glo-MEHR-yoo-lie). When the kidneys are healthy, the artery brings blood and waste from the bloodstream into the kidney's. The glomeruli then clean the blood and the waste and extra fluid go out into the urine through the ureter. Clean blood then goes out of the kidney's back into the bloodstream and through the veins. When we drink any kind of beverage with carbonation, not only are we consuming a ton of sugar (if drinking regular) or saccharin poison ( diet) but you are also feeding your kidneys something that it does not recognize and can not filter. Most people are not aware of the fact that the molecules in soda are just simply too large for the filters in the kidney's to process. The kidneys and bladder are silent when they’re sick. Many other parts of the body will give you symptoms when there is loss of function, but with the kidneys, you may not feel anything until you have lost 80% of your kidney function.


A topic that kept being bought up over and over during my research and interviews was liver and parasites. Everyone that I had spoken to that had once been deathly ill and had recovered, always mentioned cleaning the liver and parasite removal. Many people that I spoke to insisted that type 2 diabetes was caused by the Fluke parasite. This parasite is found widely in cattle food products. Flukes can also be found in lakes and rivers as well, so you can contract them by swimming in these places. By eating high fructose corn syrup and processed foods, you are doing nothing short of setting a buffet for these greedy critters. Fluke parasites, once in the body will travel to the pancreas and disrupt pancreatic hormones, prompting the pancreas to create more insulin. The fluke parasite loves nothing more than to indulge in eating sugar- insulin and high fructose corn syrup. I spoke to many diabetics who had been dealing with glucose numbers between 300-700 and grossly overweight. Once they had performed a parasite cleanse and cleaned out their livers, there glucose numbers dropped to normal as did their weight. Dr. Hulda Clark takes it one step further and adds that in order for any disease to be corrected, both parasites and toxic metals must be removed from the body. Metformin is a diabetic drug that doctors prescribe for diabetes constantly. It is made from goats rue- the part in goats rue that kills parasites. that is why Metformin is so effective at treating diabetes but it does not kill the fluke off completely which is why you must use it for ever.


Diabetes is also an emotional issue. Diabetics always seem to be angry at the world or ready for a fight, perhaps not looking for a fight, but ready. Almost all diabetics I know, or have spoken to have resistance, as well as rejection issues within the family or with past friends. The pancreas will accommodate resistance and defensiveness by having a ready supply of sugar in the blood for a quick burst of energy to defend itself. Most diabetics will deny this, including myself, but ask their relatives or spouses and they all agree this to be true. In order to heal fully from diabetes, the resistance needs treating before anything can be accomplished. Once the issue of defensiveness is treated, the glucose levels will begin to decrease. Here is a perfect case example: Lilly is hired as a manager at a clothing store. One of the workers resents Lilly for being her boss, because she felt that he should have gotten the management position. The worker then constantly picks fights, taunting and doing all she can to upset Lilly. After 6 months (Lilly, with no real authority to discipline) passes out on the sales floor in a diabetic coma. This was caused because Lilly was always dreading and ready for a fight. This fight or flight response caused her body to constantly release sugar into the blood, ready for self defense, always looking over her shoulder ready for an attack.


Exercise is a very important part of controlling, managing and and reversing diabetes. Exercise helps to improve your body's use of insulin. Decreased body fat results in improved insulin sensitivity,improved muscle strength, bone density and blood circulation. When you begin to move your body it needs extra fuel in the form of glucose to exercise the muscles. Daily moderate exercise uses up glucose at almost 20 times the normal rate. This helps lowers blood sugar levels and at the same time insulin levels drop in anyone not taking insulin, so the risks of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is minimized. Exercise is not only good for blood sugar, but also your lungs, heart and muscles. Moving your body not only keeps you healthy but will also helps with stress levels and keeps you happy. Apply these five steps and watch how quickly your glucose numbers begin to normalize!

How to reverse diabetes in 30 days:

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