Quotes My 91 yr. old Mom and I are enjoying the benefits of the alpiste seed and we can see and feel the difference!! We just take a juice glass full once a day, but I do not throw away the crushed seeds and remains.I soak my feet and legs in the "milk" and use the remains as a scrub. So far my spider veins are clearing up and my discolored toenails are turning pink and healthy!! I notice when I throw out the milk and seed water even the squirrels come and lap it up!! Quotes
Alpiste seed

Quotes I write to thank you. There have been tremendous improvements in my health. Most of the complaints i presented to you earlier on are no more. Your advice and treatment have yielded good results for me. God bless you Daniel Quotes
E-mail consultation

Quotes A year ago I began having pain under my right rib. I ignored the pain until it began interfering with my driving. Since I drive for a living I had no choice but to make an appointment with a doctor and have some tests run. I was told that the cause of my pain was my gallbladder and would eventually have to have it removed. I did not want to deal with the pain of surgery or having to take the time off work. I heard about a place to heal from one of my fellow drivers and decided to call and give it a try. It has now been two months since my consultation and my pain is almost completely gone. I have complete faith that I will not be needing surgery and will regain full use of my gallbladder thanks to the diet change and herbs. I would recommend a place to heal to anyone looking for alternative care. Quotes
Transformed Truck Driver

Quotes My son is 9 years old and has suffered from chronic constipation for years. I was amazed beyond words when after only one consultation Marie was able to diagnose and correct what doctors had not been able to do for years. I cannot thank her enough! Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes I have a four year old daughter who was constantly being rushed to the hospital with an allover body rash which the doctors could not find the cause. I was sent to a dermatologist who informed me that my child had Psoriasis and needed to be treated with oral medication and corticosteroids. After eight months my daughter had not improved and the rash was still driving her and me crazy. I was referred to Marie by a close friend and within two months my daughter's rash was completely gone and has never returned. My daughter and I are extremely grateful for what we have learned and to the relief that a simple treatment can bring. I now recommend a place to heal to everyone. Quotes
Satisfied Mom
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