Quotes My right leg has been swollen since mothers day. And after starting your plan on Aug 1 2016, The swelling would go down but come back if i stood for to long. Now for the past 7 days the swelling has stayed down even with the exercise. THANK YOU! Quotes

Quotes You are my guardian angel Marie. I started watching your video several months ago. I suffer from under active thyroid, Diabetes for 50 yrs plus Kidney Disease. I started on your Iodine therapy first and my goodness i could not believe that i was waking up so early in the morning and so full of energy. Then i started using fresh Lemon Juice. My life is beginning to turn around just amazing!! Will be calling you real soon once i make a donation thats my priority. I love you Marie you are a lifesaver for everyone. Regards Mary Quotes
Mary T Smith
So Happy i found you!!

Quotes All praises: I found A Place to Heal on You Tube seeking help for my husband in renal failure we are still on the process of healing put with your help he is off is hypertension medication, swelling has gone and diabetes is cured.... I cannot say enough words to thank you and very professional. I have placed 3 orders and had an consultation. very satisfied. Quotes
Annette Jordan
Registered Nurse

Quotes I am 65 from London, England. Have just started the TMG . The difference has been immediate. After a long standing 3am wake up every morning.....going on for years..... I have been wiped out. Thank you! I love you. For you! The essence of You! The Spiritual You! Who you are! Quotes
Respect and appreciation.

Quotes This product works very well for my son..he has sickle cell anemia and he hasn't had a crisis yet since his been taken it! beyond pleased with the product Quotes
Oxy Tonic

Quotes I received my packages. As, usual they were package well and sent quickly. I have never waited more than 2 days to receive my products from A Place To Heal. Thank you very much for your professionalism. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Stay in Peace, L. Raven Quotes
Lynda Raven
Satisfied Customer

Quotes i have been watching you for a few months on YouTube. I love your honesty! I made my first order & I have received it. Thank you for your promptness. It is a pleasure doing business with someone who has a passion to help others. Thank You for taking time to share what you have learned. May God continue to Bless you! Quotes
Connie Schoer

Quotes Know that as long as you keep doing what your doing for all the right reasons, Jesus, God, the Universe is going to bless you. You have been given a gift and you are being used mightily, walk in your calling and everything you need or desire will be given to you!! Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes Thank you so much, these seeds have amazingly help me to loose weight and control my diabetes, my Dr. Changed my diabetes meds to once a week. Quotes
Alpiste seeds

Quotes The most wonderful person, by incredibly far, that I have met to date in the Natural Health field!! Quotes
Gabby Perez
Phone consultation
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