Services Offered


                                      Local Area In-Home Consultation $100
Please keep in mind that herbs and/or suppliments are a necessary part of our program. 

Your initial in home consultation normally runs 1-2 hours. Your consultation will consist of a background health history, health questionnaire,  blood pressure and PH Test and water retention evaluation. We can then advice you on the best way for you to do an advanced detoxification of the body in order to  rid it of acids, harmful parasites, tumors, blood sugar issues, digestive problems and/or diseases in order to  strengthen and nurture it back to full health.

After your initial consultation I am always available to help with any start-up  issues or questions that may arise.

One on One Coffee Enema instructional class  $60

A one on one personal training class on how to prepare, store and use the Gerson protocol coffee enema for removal of cancer cells, liver cleansing, cholesterol lowering or simply for detoxification & better healing.

Class includes:
*  One hour instructional class catered to your specific needs.
*  Cooking, boiling, dividing, storing and instructions in the proper way to perform a coffee enema.
*  4 Quart Enema Bag kit.
*  1 bag of organic coffee
*  2 quart mason jars
This class includes everything that you will need in order to begin performing cleansing coffee enemas the very same day of the class.

                                                                        Phone Consultation $60.00 

Contrary to popular belief a person does not need to be "seen" in order to be dignosed. Blood does not have to be drawn and tests do not need to be run in order to begin healing. We do however need to know if you are currently on any prescription medication and it helps us to know these in advance before the consultation.

A phone consultation is a wonderful way to get expert help at half the cost of a home visit. During a phone consultation you will have the opportunity to share your concerns, review  your medical history and effectively deal with your current health problems. You will be asked a series of questions, so that you will be able to give an accurate picture of the issues that you are concerned about.

You can schedule a one-on-one time where we will help you to sort through any problems that you may be facing. We will be glad to address any questions that you may have concerning diet, health, herbal support, pain and nutrition and keep you motivated on your journey to success.

If you need help with an unresolved health issue, please email us to schedule an appointment. We will schedule a “meeting” with your time zone in mind so that it’s convenient for you. We look forward to problem-solving with you, researching safer alternatives and implicating an action plan to help you reach your health goals.
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